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At NONAME Knives we believe in form and function as our foundation for design. Our gear is designed with use in mind; however, we believe that with a little focus and planning we can make equipment durable, effective, and visually pleasing while making the most effective mission tool.  We make gear with a personality that compliments its owner in function, form, and spirit.

NoName Knives was started with one purpose in mind, the development of warrior tools centered around function and deployability. With this in mind, we design, develop, and test all of our models in the most demanding of environments. Each design is optimized for its intended application and environment. At NoName, we believe the best weapon is the one that compliments its mission and owner.


Our commission and development process is informed by military, protection, backcountry, and search and rescue professionals who regularly deploy. We work with them to optimize a design, test that design in the field, and improve upon it. Every design we make is available for purchase and customization. We believe this provides a purpose-driven design, testing, and evaluation process that continuously builds on previous designs to distill only the best aspects of field performance. Data gathered from field tests with partnered professionals shapes our re-engineering, which is where we feel our products excel. Join the NoName team today and ask about our affiliate process!

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