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SB-01 Tactical Knife was designed as the operators go to, all-around knife. Forged from 1095 high carbon steel, this handmade knife is designed to be a top notch cutter, excellent for batoning, and comes with integral multi-use window breaker and pry tool. This one is spoken for, but will customize steel and finishes upon request. The differentially hardened and polished blade is a beautiful and unique piece of art that doesn’t compromise function. 
Price - Starting at $300, our designers will work to stick within your budget.
Dimensions - Handle = 5in, Blade = 4in long x 1.5in Wide, Full Tang Thickness = 3/16in
Heat Treat - Clayed and quenched in water and oil. Tempered at 400F for 2 hours. 
Fit-&-Finish - Micarta durable scales with steel pins with polished Japanese hamon. 

SB01 - 1095 w/Hamon

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